I am absolutely in love with my new blog!!!!  My blog is a girl, BTW, and her name is Grace. And Grace just got a brand new look.  She got her hair colored and her nails done and a brand new dress from Anthropologie.  And the cutest Coach purse you’ve ever seen.  So while Lyndsay was making my ‘Grace’  most beautiful and lovely, I was painting the cabinetry in the laundry room.  I sanded it (with my very own electric mouse sander) and then painted two coats of black paint…and then sanded it again.  I love distressed cabinets.  I will finish it with something, but I’m not sure what yet.  I also painted the hardware silver and have plans for vanilla ice-cream colored walls and yellow toile window mistreatments.  
And while I painted and made the best beef enchiladas ever (they will get their own post soon) the teens were out of school again, so they horsed around…..
while  the little ones played in the very slight amount of  snow there was…..
and Caiti cleaned out her closet (pics to come)……and took pictures of my ongoing
project.  So while Lyndsay did her job most fantastically……..and finished……..here I stand, on the washer painting the cabinets while the washer goes through the spin cycle.  At least I have an excuse for it not being perfect.
Now, I need your help.  It has been my lifelong dream (about 3 months really)  to have three columns on my blog.  I have coveted 3 column blogs like crazy.  I have dreamed about 3 columns and have nearly lost my very own little blog trying to achieve 3 columns. Grace has always apologized to me for being two columns.  Now, I have 3 columns and there’s  a little problem.  I also want the post column (where the main body of the post and pics are) to be larger.  They call it ‘stretch’ in blog lingo.  I can’t have stretch and 3 columns.  Apparenly having your cake and eating too is not for blog world.  Grace can either keep the new dress from Anthropologie or she can keep the Coach purse.  But not both.  So what I’m gonna need you to do is go visit BrownEyedFox and see ‘stretch’ and then come back and let’s chat.  3 columns?  Or stretch? 

And then go visit Lyndsay’s site and be amazed.  She has very tasteful  graphic designs and she’s so prompt and wonderful.  I first emailed her on Sunday night.  And here I am on Wednesday all made over.  I stand in awe.   Actually, I stand on the washer and paint.   But still in awe .  Of my beautiful new blog….and my beautiful new cabinets.  

31 comments on “Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? sing it with me”

  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
    A three column beauty!!!

    Now…I love what you are doing with your cabinets…what kind of paint??
    So brave but they look great..please do a after post! 🙂
    Enjoy your new blog “home”!
    -sandy toe

  2. stretch….it is thinning….and it is like a little sexy black dress with red heels and chuncky jewelry.

  3. Oh Edie I love Grace! She is stunning! I do love 3 columns, but was so used to your 2. Either way would be awesome, but I’m gonna say go stretch. I would tend to say 3 columns if you didn’t take such good pics, but with the stretch your pics are so much bigger and your pics are always so good.

    The cabinets look great!

  4. Blog looks great! (I like 3 columns over stretch, but that’s just because I have TONS of links I like to have in my sidebars and I can organize them better, hey, at one point I actually had 4 columns!)

    Laundry room looks great too! I can’t believe you painted with the doors on. That would have been a huge mess if I had attempted it in that manner.

  5. She is really beautiful! I just love the banner colors- they’re my favorite! I also love the three columns (I’ve been secretly coveting three column blogs for a while) but in comparison to Ms. Brown Eyed Fox- I’ve decided I LOVE LOVE LOVE the elegant simplicity of stretch. I love the large pictures and how uncluttered it is. Thinking about it for myself….and one of those gorgeous banners from Ms. Johnson!

  6. OH EDIE…Grace is sooo beautiful and I am SOOOO jealous! Seriously!!! You have NO IDEA! K, I’m going to go sulk now. xoxo Ang

  7. Go with the stretch, it’s easier to see the big pictures. Love the cabinets. I did that to my master bath and it turned out great, I took the doors off to paint them. It was more work, looks lots easier the way you’re doing it. Great blog makeover, I really love it either way.

  8. Ohh, Grace is yummy and would be delicious in stretch. I think it is less cluttered and a great way to show off your awesome Nikon (should he remain in the family:-)He is obviously a HE!

  9. Your blog looks wonderful. So fun.

    What is an electric mouse sander? Did you use latex paint on your cabinets? Or your knobs? Please share…

  10. Hi Edie,
    I love the cabinets. I have been thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets but have been too chicken. I did paint my master bathroom cabinets and love them but the thought of making that big of a change (and not being able to go back) scares me. I bet you cannot relate. Anyway, what is a mouse sander?

    I don’t have any thoughts on stretch vs 3 columns (I do love the new colors).

    Take care,

  11. I think your three columns is great because you have lots of stuff to put on a sidebar. But I also liek the way stretch looks. Very Clean and open feeling.

    I like your new colors and header and hope you can use them even if you go stretch! It’s refreshing!

    p.s. I like what you’re doing in your laundry room.

  12. love the new diggs! oh…i’m partial to the 3 columns…as soon as i can find someone to take me…that’s what i’m doing. i’m afraid to try it myself. your cabinets are singing! they are gorgeous! what’s a girl to do without her sander…love mine! it’s the first power tool my husband bought for me…years ago!

  13. Loving Grace's new look… torn between stretch and 3 columns (I want the bag and the purse too)!! And I love the laundry room…makeovers are always FUN! I covet your being able to paint, paint ,paint…we are in a rental, getting ready to go to base housing in Japan, and I miss color!!!
    Praying for you & your "students"!

  14. ok, ok, love the new Grace…and hello, the cabinets! you are awesome…you didn’t even remove the doors, do wha-at???

  15. Grace looks AWESOME. Hmmm.,…the purse or the dress. I’m not sure, but I’ll think on it.
    Loving your cabinets…I started on the cabinets in our laundry room bathroom at midnight the other night. I must get them finished tonight b/c I have a b-day party here on Saturday, nothing like starting something right before you’re having an event.
    BTW: Did you use gloss or semi gloss on the cabinets?

  16. Your cabinets redo is great. Really great. Love the black distressed look.

    Enjoy reading your blog and the new look is just perfect.

  17. LOVE the colors love the new header! Your cabs look great too!

    I have no advice for your template but I guess you have to think of your blogs purpose and what you want to highlight!

    You will make the right choice!

  18. I LOVE what you did to the cabinets….they look fantastic!! Girl, you are mighty good with that sander!!

    Grace looks beautiful too….I almost went to 3 columns, but my love of photography and large detailed pictures won out…..so, that being said, my vote would be to go for the stretch….you can get really creative with your pictures and even do some pretty cool collages!!

    Have a great week!


  19. Hey Edie!! I’m late commenting, but the stretch is the way to go (which I think you’ve already done)!! It looks great, so does the laundry room!

  20. Love the new blog and the new cabinets! I see you’re joining the FB craze. It is so addicting. I love it. I’m afraid it is going to make me fat though . . . I spend way too much sitting and chatting on FB than I should. I’ll look for you and befriend you!

  21. Well, i am here and she is a 2 column stretch beauty now, so you must have made up your mind. 😉 It’s lovely- I LOVE the color combo!!

    And I love your cabinets balck- very sharp!

  22. Oh. My. Gosh! You made those very yummy looking enchiladas and painted your cabinents on the same exact day??? You are everything that I strive to be! 🙂

    Is there a trick to distressing the cabinents? I want to do that in my kitchen, but I am just not sure how.

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