Yesterday, we woke up to this…

…in East Tennessee when you wake up to this…….

the news declares that school is one-hour late……

when school is one hour late, we drive here…….
and these sleepy heads…..
order this……
and I show the kids this……

and tell them stories about when I was in medical school and my friends and I always studied for tests at Waffle House……and drank lots of coffee…….and played “Waffle-House Do-Wop” on the jukebox……and always.   ALWAYS.  paused to here this:

“Waffle on four……hashbrowns on two…scattered, covered,smothered……2 eggs over medium…toast on two.” 
usually shouted really loudly by someone with an accent like mine.
Waffle House is an icon in our family.  We love the waffles, the coffee, the music the atmosphere…….all of it.  My favorite experience was the time I went in and “Redneck Woman” was blaring on the jukebox and my waitress sang it REAL loud while trying to serve us our food.   It just doesn’t get any better than that.  There’s no better place to embrace  your southernness. Steve loves it too. It has universal appeal no matter where you’re from. Other songs of interest playing on the Waffle House CD:
‘I like what I See At the Waffle House’
‘Life is Like a Cup of Coffee’
‘Waffle House,  Thank You’
‘Why Would you Eat Your Grits Any Place Else’
‘Special Lady at the Waffle House’
I don’t make this stuff up. 

14 comments on “My favorite song: Waffle House Do-Wop……”

  1. Edie,I was also in East TN visiting my parents until yesterday. The snow was beautiful and my boys loved it! I went to ETSU for college, and the Waffle House there has oodles of memories for me. Mostly very late nights, that is when it tastes the best!
    So glad you had a good holiday, I’m just getting back to blogging. I’ve missed you guys! About the printer, you use it all the time, GO ALL OUT! Get the one Nester’s got and tell me all about it!

  2. When we moved to NC from Idaho last year I think I remember stopping at our first Waffle House in TN. The waitress told us her life story and loved on my kids and there wasn’t a stick of food left on their plates by the time we paid the bill. We heart the Waffle Houses here too, but that first experience will always be my favorite.

  3. You couldn’t make it up, Waffle House just is that great!! I am so glad you got a morning there with your kids. I have fond memories from college there as well.

  4. I am from MI and my husband is from the south. When we first were married..I didn’t like the Waffle House..I thought it was gross. But, now my husband has changed me and I do think their waffles May be the Best anywhere!
    -sandy toes

  5. The Waffle House was my very first job! I absolutely loved it until a truck came in with thawed hamburger patties and the manager told the cook to put them in the freezer drawer and let them refreeze then cook them when ordered. That didn’t sound sanitary to me! I still ate the breakfast foods, but definitely no hamburgers on my breaks after that! It sounds like you have some great memories there!

  6. Must be a southern thing,, both of my girls for both of their jr/sr proms met at waffle house after prom with all their friends,, tuxes and formals and all. My husband and I occasionally get to steal away from breakfast early in the morning by ourselves. I love the hashbrowns!
    Can you share the “how-to” on adding pictues at the top of blogs? Thanks

  7. Absolutely love the little lovebirds in your header today. Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the superior scribbler award on my blog. Hope you are having a wonderful evening!

  8. OK I’m sold. There’s a Waffle House a few cities away and I’m going to have to try it. I heart waffles. BTW – I hadn’t really thought about it but I guess you probably would have an accent. Now you’ll have to show us by doing a video with you talking. One more thing…when are you going to get on facebook already? My brother got me hooked over Thanksgiving weekend. I’d resisted for the longest but now I’m an addict, it’s the ADD again.

  9. I don’t think Edie has an accent…hmm I’m trying to hear her in my head and it doesn’t sound twangy. *grin* The funniest thing in that post is that they call school for that much snow!

  10. And to think that I’ve never been to the Waffle House. Going there on the one-hour delay days would never cross my mind. I changed the sheets on my bed, ironed my dining room table cloth, threw in a load of laundry, and added a few more ornaments to the tree. None of which is post worthy, but it sure made me feel better. Call me the next time you go–especially if you plan on singing. I wouldn’t miss that–even if it meant sleeping on dirty sheets! 🙂

  11. Borried sum bailin wire from my neighbors and fixed my tie rod guud as new.fixin ta go get sum grub at the Waffle House and catch up on wut I been missing.

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