I’ve been assembling a few ‘love’ gifts for some special people in our lives and thought I’d show them to you.

Back in May, the kids and I picked strawberries and made homeade jam.  And as of late I’ve been a sour dough bread ‘machine’……so naturally homeade bread and jam makes the perfect ‘love’ gift.
I like to print personalized tags from the computer and back them with scrapbook paper.
Another favorite is the Lutheran prayer book.  It’s inexpensive and chock full of goodies.  You don’t have to be Lutheran to love it……so I bought lots of them this year.
and wrapped them up beautifully.
And for those of you who don’t live close and won’t receive an actual love gift, I’ve got a couple ‘gems’ for you too.  You may want to grab your coffee and sit a while with these.   

You’re welcome.

P.S. The fact that this post follows directly after the one titled “The Hidden God” should either win me some prize at  THE Most Severe Form of ADD contest or should put me next in line for This Year’s Most Charming Schizophrenic.
P.S.S. JamieKnoxville will study these pictures like a C.S.I. agent.  I couldn’t have given her any better gift.

11 comments on “Little love gifts……”

  1. Girl…you are hot in those shorts and tube socks! And I LOVE the big names on the stockings. You still have yours?

    Your love gifts are amazing. You are so creative and generous. I wish I lived closer…I’d like to be a recipient. Yea, I’m not shy.

    xoxoxox Ang

  2. oooo baby – you are rokcin’ those yellow shorts I love that your team was called Gems – is that a Southern kind of name for a ball team? Back home teams had names like Tigers, Giants, Sharks….you are such girls here (that can totally run faster and hit balls harder than any ol’ boy eva’ could – you southern girls are super tuff and girly all at the same time!) Friday was fun. I’m so glad you came.

    love ya! Cindy

  3. Okay Sis, you have outdone yourself on those pictures. Brings back many, many memories…..I might have to “study” those as long as Jamie…WOW!!! Were we really called the GEMS. I guess I don’t have memory back that far or that detailed. Somethings are better left in the past, maybe! Love ya!!

  4. YUMMO! There’s nothing like homemade bread and jam. I’d kill for some this morning. I love the Lutheran prayer book idea…it’s so you and the wrap and ribbon is beautiful. I love the flashback pictures. I knew you couldn’t be a true blonde…you’re way too smart for that. 🙂

  5. I would love love love to have a bite of that bread with a little jam please. We don’t live that far away from each other, do we? You are so sweet, what great love gifts! And I have a picture of me in a lovely stylish pair of tube socks sportin a Shaun Cassidy blue t-shirt – the blue matched the rings on the tube shots! hee hee Love this! xo Keli

  6. What a great idea w/ the bread AND homemade jam!! That definitely is a love gift!!

    Oh..and I totally had those shorts when I was like 12 years old! Umm..many many years ago! LOL

  7. Sweet pics- you are rocking those short shorts and sport socks! lol. What thoughtful gifts you give to those you love- they are lucky!

  8. I am pretending I’m on the “list” because I received my Lutheran Prayer Book today….thank you!!

    How well do I have to be loved to get homemade bread and jam? :]

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  9. I’m back! Or rather, my computer is back, therefore, so am I. And I am looking forward to catching up with my peeps here at holiday time.

    Your gifts are lovely – anyone would be thrilled to receive one, I’m sure.

    I love sourdough bread – I always have a starter in the fridge. Yum, yum…

    And thank you for MY Christmas gift, they were thoroughly enjoyable. 🙂

    Merry Christmas,

  10. Oh and by the way –
    the Nikon is also on my wish list.

    The way it’s looking, that would be the wish list for Christmas
    2015. 🙂

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