1. anticipating  my Eight O’Clock coffee, finely ground just before it’s brewed with a healthy amount of real half and half.
2. loving it when my 18 year old son swoops in for the air kiss.
3. Sitting on the sofa, knitting, while my girls practice their reading and thinking that I am the luckiest mom in the whole world.
4. to be able to spend these precious days and weeks and moments teaching my girls everything from how to count by 5’s to how to make the best chocolate chip cookies EVER.
5. never taking for granted kissing my husband goodnight and good morning and good afternoon and good evening and enjoying. his. affection.
6. teaching my children about the absolute love and grace that Christ has showered on us all.
7. and thinking that I am so unworthy to be so blessed like that.
8. enjoying laundry. Warm. Right out of the dryer. In a pile on the sofa.
7. wishing I could swim in a vat of Chocolate. but settling for M&M’s instead. by the handful.
8. Working in the kitchen, wearing my monogrammed apron, and listening to good music….maybe Brandi Carlile or Eddie Vedder or Taylor’s Band or Johnny Cash or Lifehouse.
9. Thinking about how much I miss my daddy and wishing his life could have turned out differently. and noticing how I grind my teeth. just. like. him.
10. Saying a big thank you to my God for blessing me with the most wonderful sister in all the world….who knows me inside and out….and still loves me….unconditionally…..and beats me at Rock Band.  everytime.
11. feeling so blessed to have discovered blogging and wishing I were neighbors with Jessica and country girl and the nester and jennifer and emily and……..and Susan Wise Bauer and keli and kelly and denise and pam and brooke and on.  and on. 
12. missing my patients and hoping that they have found a doctor who loves them and prays for them and listens. and wears cute shoes. and lip gloss.
13. talking on the phone to JamieKnoxville and believing that everything is going to be okay and laughing so hard I cry…..and thanking my lucky stars that someone knows my story.
14. enjoying my morning run listening to “Never Alone” by Barlow Girl and hoping I make it to the next restroom. in. time. (there is a downside to having 4 children)
15. contemplating the meaning of my life and having the sense that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing and knowing I am so blessed to be able to do it.
16. praying that Caiti knows how much I love her and that I believe she is a beautiful unique child of God. with many good gifts. and beautiful straight teeth.
17. wishing I was more patient and kind and compassionate and gracious and forgiving.
18. and tall.   and skinny.

10 comments on “On being thankful……”

  1. Edie,

    Your so great, I just love reading your blog! I wish we were neighbors too so I could learn from you and hope that your greatness would rub off on me. Your family is SO lucky to have you home loving them and taking care of them.

  2. Hi Edie! I love this post and all the things you are thankful for! You seem like a truly wonderful person and a GREAT Mom and wife! I am thankful that we met through this blog world!

    Now, can you move closer to me and show me how to knit?? PlEASE…pretty please? tee hee


  3. Edie – Can I just jump into this post and roll around in the encouragement and love for all things LIFE that gushed all over me? 🙂

  4. That was a great post. I truly enjoyed reading all that you are thankful for. I love the way you write. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back again!

  5. Well Sis, I too must say that I have the most wonderful sister in the world. God has blessed me so much with a relationship that I can call on you at anytime, vent my frustations of family, life and all that goes with it. I also am thankful that you love me, no matter what, that you know me(the good and the bad) and still love me, no matter what. Thanks for always being there, even if a few miles away….and I miss Daddy too!!! Love you bunches…You’re blog touches so many people, but amazingly enough, I think I get the most out of it. I cry almost everytime I read it…

  6. Dear JK,
    I know tall and skinny helps. Don't rub it in &%&^%. I just called you a name!

    And Sis,
    I'm so glad I make someone else cry with me. We're saps ya know….must be genetic!

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