This one is highly anticipating the removal of braces….
These two are watching Charlotte’s Web…..
while these two exchange birthday hugs…
and enjoy chocolate cake with buttercream icing……(recipe forthcoming)….
and reuben style pasta…..the recipe which you can find here.    It is delectable!

These are among the reasons why I often wonder why I went for that 3 mile run this morning.   Or maybe that’s the very reason I went for a run.   To eat chocolate cake and reuben pasta.  I guess there are worse reasons!  

6 comments on “Braces, cake, and running………”

  1. When do the braces come off. She is very pretty. All your kids are. Don’t worry about all the good food, you are little and cute and running is what it’s all about. Thanks for motivating me to get back into my 3 mile runs. I have been slacking for SO long. I’m hoping to get new running shoes for my b-day. How was Stevie’s birthday? That cake looks so good. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. First of all… you have some really snazzy genes in your family. You’re all so gorgeous! And second… three miles? HOW? I have managed to work my way up to a VERY slow, plodding two, but it’s all I can manage. I cant seem to go any further.

  3. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration dinner! Your daughter has the most gorgeous eyes! 🙂


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