This group of women is smart,  talented,  inspiring,   and just plain fun to be around.   Thus,  if you like to read classical literature….. and like to learn and be challenged……and like to be surrounded by strong,  opinionated,  sweet ladies…..then you should join us.    And if we’re too far away for you,  then maybe you could start your own classical book club.   Go here to learn how we got started and how we plan our reading.

So,  if the scintillating company above doesn’t tempt you to want to join us,   then this…..
and this……

and this…….
will.   These ladies know how to make some good food.   We read Uncle Toms’ Cabin this month…which is now one of most most favored books.  Tina and Jeannie provided the most wonderful Southern fixins to which we all say a hardy ‘thanks ya’ll’.    I regret to say that I didn’t eat near as much as I had intended because I was trying to be a good moderator/hostess.    Our next book is Madame Bovary if you want to read along with us.   Our new bookclub blog would be a great place for you to have ‘discussions’  with us even if you can’t join us.    You can be in our ‘virtual’ bookclub.   We’ll try to figure out how to send you some virtual snacks…..’cause that’s half the fun.    Since our October read is Madame Bovary my mind is reeling with what wonderful french culinary creations we can come up with for our next meeting.   You won’t want to miss it!

5 comments on “Midday Bookclub marches on………”

  1. Hi Edie,
    Sorry but I accidentally posted my comment on your book club blog. You may want to go delete it. Anyway, here is the comment. 🙂

    OK now I’m the jealous one! I want have only been to our book club once. My problem is like you, I want to read classicals and such but they read…let’s just say one’s I’m not interested in. I really want to start one, so maybe I will. I read The Well Trained Mind but not The Well Educated Mind, I’ll have to get that. As for the food, it’s all about the food! I loved my old book club but I moved so it was too far away. We use to serve food that went along with the book and the women were always so creative, it made it so fun. You are quite the hostess, I love the food/name holders!

  2. What a good idea! A book club to keep the minds workind 🙂 I know what you mean… After some time just thinking of meals and cleaning and getting everyone what they need, a mommy’s mind can go a little lazy I tell you…

    I LOVE those goodies names holders!

  3. Jessica,
    You’ll have to join our bookclub by blog and read along with us! The Well-Educated Mind is definitely worth getting!

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