this old antique-ish desk that I bought for $25 and  redecorranged…..
all things monogrammed…..
my eclectic collection of boots and purses….
the upstairs bathroom that recently had a makeover…..I painted and distressed the vanities, took down hideous medicine cabinets and added these mirrors from Hobby Lobby,  changed the faucets out for these beautiful bronze ones and spray painted the rest of the fixtures (towel rack, towel paper holder, etc) to match the faucets…

Caiti’s Room(16yo) with homeade burlap bedskirts…when its’ clean….which is rarely….
this cutest picture of Emme at 3yo……
my most precious macbook pro….once you go mac….well….you know the rest…..
the security of the fact  that this guy will sit in this chair every. single. night….
the vanilla ice cream colored walls in my dining room with accents of plum and robin-egg blue…
these wall words….this particular one is situated above the baseboard in the downstairs bathroom, directly across from the “potty”.    Captive audience.
our  newly finished schoolroom….clean,  modern,  vintage,   IKEAesque.
ballerinas in the ‘soussus’ position.    How do I know that’s what it’s called, you ask?    Because I am now taking an adult ballet class on  Wednesday nights.   I know,  I should have warned you to sit down and swallow the drink of tea in your mouth.   Why not?   It seems to be the year for new things.   If you can’t stop the comedic visions of me in tights and a tu-tu,  don’t worry.   I showed up in yoga pants and a tank top.   The real ballerinas in the class were likely slightly offended at the many ways I butchered their “sport”,  including my attire.   It was a great workout though and I think I really like it.      
my humble collection of C.S. Lewis books….my favorite of which is Mere Christianity.    His preface to this book is nothing short of genius.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

3 comments on “What I Love About My House……”

  1. Edie,
    You must rush on over to the Nester and post your window mistreatments–especially the one in this post with the stuff hanging from the rods! I posted a ceiling mistreatment, but I don’t know if it will count! LOL!
    🙂 Denise

  2. Ms. Denise,
    I posted already because like you I already had plenty of mistreatments going on! I think I’m in the 130’s…..and OMG the traffic I got on my sight from it.
    What fun! That woman is a genius. I’ll have to go check yours out. Isn’t is funny how we’ve been “mistreating” all along and just didn’t know what to call it?
    Miss ya!

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