1. “My house will be spotless now that I’ll be home all the time.” Your house is not going to be spotless now that you’re home all the time. There’s always someone home to be messing it up. Why did I have that mistaken misconception? ( This blog entry, though may at some point be interesting, is really a cover to check out my new live signature. How do ya like it? Thank you Brooke for your expertise.
2. “We’ll save lots of money on school tuition”. This may be sort of true. Eventually. However, so far I’ve spent a small fortune on books, bookshelves, art supplies, etc. I’ll let you know when I start noticing the savings.
3. “Teacher= dry erase board + apple on desk.” I’m afraid not. But I am staying one step ahead of them, which helps. And they keep trying to give me advice….”We usually have snack after math”, “You might wanna write that bigger”, “My teacher let us write in our workbooks”. They’re pretty gentle with me, though. I think they want this whole thing to work out. I am really amazed at how much fun we’ve had and how much they’ve learned and memorized already.

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    We are doing a poem called “The Moon” by Robert Louis Stevenson, the Apostle’s Creed, the Psalm verses and then the 6 days of creation. It”ll probably take us till early next week to finish those, I’d say. What amazes me is that they memorize so much faster than I do! Sad but true. I’m so pleased with our week. It’s been really fun. Thank you for all your encouragement. How are you guys doing? Ready for a field trip yet?

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