from IKEA and American Girl,  that is.     We drove down to Hotlanta  with Kimmie (our former nanny,  who taught my girls all about “puskie” powder among many other funny things)  and we stayed with her daughter Cara,  who just got married to Drew.    These two are as darling as they look in their wedding photos and that Drew has to be the kindest, most thoughtful, and most helpful boy on the planet.  He was my personal assistant at IKEA (and trust me,  you need one).   He loaded,  looked up numbers,  played with my girls,   loaded some more.    And of course Kimmie and Cara were wonderful and most entertaining to shop with.   Thank you all so much for your help!   We also went to the American Girl store which was magical for the girls.  The only thing more fun than going to AG  is going with Kimmie who finds tiny kitchens and fake cupcakes absolutely delightful.   The AG hair salon is a bit overrated.   The not-so-friendly salon staff grabs the doll and says to Elea in an almost irritated voice  “pick from one of these styles”.    That in and of itself was a lie unless you call a spraying water and putting cheap ribbons in a “style”.    Surly salon lady  nowithstanding,  the trip was fun for all.  I then spent the next two days putting stuff together while Elea whined that her doll’s “hairstyle”  was getting messed up already.   The last picture is a sneak peek at our schoolroom/garage/playroom.   It’s a work in progress but does seem to inspire us all to want to sit down and read a book!

4 comments on “We’re Baaack….”

  1. Wow…that makes me want to go back to you have any openings…..and where can I find a drew??? School room looks great – looks like things are coming together:)

  2. We love you so much and couldn’t have been more happy that you came to visit us. You mean so much to us and have done so much for Drew and I. We love you and can’t wait for you guys to come on back for a big “field trip”.. Give the girls a big kiss and hug for me.

  3. You are so sweet Ms. Cara Jane. And you have done lovely things with your apartment. It feels so cozy and inviting. Drew is one lucky guy. And you are one lucky girl. Enjoy each other. I love you both.

  4. I had such a great time with you and the girls. They are so sweet. Thank you for making the trip to Atlanta. We are so glad that you are a part of our lives.And it was so much fun!Let me know when your ready for that field trip!The school room looks great! You are going to be the best teacher ever. I love you all very much. Oh..And I love your blog…so cute..

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