This is not the only time this word occurs in my house.   It’s everywhere, actually.   And it’s a dead give away that it’s more where I’m hoping to go than where I actually am in my life.    I guess it’s good to have goals.    Lest you think I’ve made no progress in this arena,  let me make some careful observations.   When I first placed this sign in my house  I had a job,  a nanny,  two babysitters,   a pool guy,  a cleaning lady,  12 christmas trees,  a chaotic heap of clothes in my closet,  a chaotic heap of ideas in my head,  30 pairs of black shoes,  and a very limited capacity for saying no to anything.   As I take mental inventory today,   I have no job, no nanny, no babysitters,  no pool guy (unless you count me),   no cleaning lady,  8 christmas trees,  4 pairs of black flip-flops,   a smaller chaotic heap of clothes and ideas,  and an ever growing discipline to saying no.    Okay,  I lie.   What I actually say is,   “Oh,  that sounds like so much fun.    I’m not sure it will work out,  but I’d love to and thanks for asking me.  I’ll try my best.”    That is,  in fact,  how a southern girl says “no”.     So,  simplifying is not that easy  but I won’t give up.  Let me know if you see any neat “simplify” signs…..I think they help!  

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  1. Love you Blogspot. You have such a sweet family. You guys are so blessed! I absolutely love the new “schoolroom”. Can I send Polly over for some schooling?

  2. Thanks Jeannie, you’re so sweet. Polly can come for “school” anytime. We plan to do a lot of field trips at Wadsworth Academy!

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