Sam  (Cooze),  Emme (Wadsworth) and Lily (Cooze)  riding on the “HOTDOG”.
              Caiti takes a turn and laments the oozing of her mascara!
  Daddy and Elea Grace enjoy a swim in the lake.  Daddy more than Grace.
Our fearless host and captain does a little wake boarding….which I highly recommend learning in your teens,  when your muscles are teachable and your responsibilities few.
Polly (Jett) who is about the “hunniest”  little girl I know…..(she has a tiny speech issue with her F’s and H’s  which we are begging Jeannie not to correct just yet)  did the dry goggle thing.   No need only using those babies  in the water.   Thanks Paul for cooking our burgers and entertaining our children!

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  1. Polly thinks she looks so cool with her purple goggles. She is making me put them on her now. Wait till you see her with her purple 50’s style glasses. Maybe she will try to wear them while she is swimming under water. Thanks for taking pics. Looks like everyone had a great time. Hated to miss it. Love your plate wall!!!! Did you paint those birds?

  2. Ms. Jeannie–That Polly is sooo darn cute with a very large imagination…..when the waves stirred up in the water she said in her cutest “pollyspeak” that the waves were caused from a dolphin slapping his fins in the water! (that small sentence took. a. long. um. um um. time!) We missed you too and no I did not paint the bird….got it from Upper Case Living. Why did I not think up the plate wall? Didn’t our grandmothers start the plate walls back when plates were the closest thing to decoration one could find? Anyways, I love it too… should do onel

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