The “little” girls were hysterical at the wedding reception.   They had “moves” galore and danced for at least two hours straight.   When Elea Grace took her ballet slippers off  and handed them to me,  I knew we were in trouble!
Emme had the important job of leading Peyton ( aka-the dog and the ring bearer)  down the aisle.  She did great.
Caiti’s photography skills at work.   Can it get any better than little girls in long dresses blowing bubbles?

Cara and Drew were married in the most beautiful ceremony on the historic grounds of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.   Our girls were privileged enough to be flower girls in the wedding and it proved to be a most memorable time for us all.   This lifelong dream of an outdoor wedding seemed as if were going to be impossible.   The wedding was supposed to start at 6 and at 5:45, it was pouring.  Everyone of the 140something guests probably experienced that hour differently, but I spent that hour with Cara, the little girls, and the bridesmaids…and we were on a roller coaster of emotions.    When the rains stayed steady, we conceited, tears and all,  that an indoor wedding would have to do…..and then the sun would shine.   A few things I found comforting during that hour were the determined love of a father who was gonna find a way to make his daughter’s dream come true,  the grounded faith of a bride who said with conviction “I just want to marry him…it doesn’t matter where”  and the showers of God’s grace that rain down on us exactly what we need when we need it.   If it had been clear, sunny skies all day we would, in all our human frailty, have  taken it for granted.   But under those circumstances,  when those rays of golden sun came through,  I was broken with thankfulness…..that we are loved by a God who makes the sun shine and the rains come and who unites hearts and lives together to make them one.  These are truly life’s miracles. 

Kim (mother of the bride) thought of everything.   This woman (and her daughter) is amazing.   It really is all in the details.   From the “Taste of Georgia” welcome baskets to the themed tables at the reception,  this was incredibly well done and well organized.     

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